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While it’s true that range hoods provide much-needed ventilation, they have traditionally been rather industrial looking. A typical kitchen hood can detract from a kitchen’s appearance. Fortunately, there are a number of styles of custom kitchen hoods that are both attractive and functional.

Many styles can be fabricated from the same material as the rest of your cabinets. These hoods can also contain similar details such as crown molding to help them blend well with your kitchen cupboards. They can be designed in a number of finishes that are aesthetically pleasing in addition to being easy to clean.

Custom range hoods can contain simple or elegant lines. They can be fashioned like an arch or be slightly curved along the bottom.  They say the kitchen is the heart of the home. Let us help you by creating a custom hood that will give your kitchen the wow factor you are looking for!

Like traditional kitchen hoods, custom designed ones also contain exhaust vents that whisk away steam and smoke while you are cooking. They also have lights built in to make it easier for you to see. The difference between these fixtures and traditional ones is that they are typically designed to blend in with kitchen cabinets so as to present a more refined appearance.

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