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Custom Metal Shelves

Metal shelves are designed to complete our cantilever shelving system.  They’re engineered for rigidity and heavy-duty loading capacity with no need for front support posts.  The absence of front posts, and the strength of construction, present simple, bold shelf lines that complement any interior.

Custom Shelf Lengths

When you need your metal shelves to end flush with a wall, both walls, or to run to specific lengths to accommodate other room elements, just send us your measurements to the 1/16th of an inch. We’ll fabricate to your dimensions. With our shelves you can build continuous shelving runs wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling, or any point in between, with no voids or gaps.  Or have us come out to your home or business, we would be happy to measure for you.

Shelf Finishes

Stainless Steel Shelves

Practical applications for stainless steel shelves include laboratories, clean rooms, and food prep surfaces.  The stainless sheet used in our metal shelves is NSF-approved for food prep, and is a brilliant look for any home or office interior.

Powder-Coated Shelves

The powder coat finish applied to our metal shelves is extremely durable, practical, and very rich.  The variety of available colors is so extensive that you can easily find a color to complement any decor.

Metal Shelf Styles:

  • Solid Metal Shelves  (made for heavy loading capacity)
  • Wall Mount Shelves
  • Pass Thru Shelves
  • Floating Shelves

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