Stainless Steel Cabinets -- Chicago, IL.

Indoor & Outdoor Kitchens -- Outdoor Grill Cabinets

Stainless steel cabinets are in vogue with today’s kitchen or outdoor living space. Outdoor living is about more than just a BBQ area or patio, it’s about bringing your functionality and comfort of the indoors outdoors with your personal style. This is why our stainless steel indoor & outdoor kitchen cabinets are specifically designed and engineered for outside use, commercial kitchens, rooftops, and other spaces where durability is a concern.

Regardless of Chicago’s climate or weather conditions, Avenue Metal Manufacturing Co., Inc. is the perfect choice for beauty, style and functionality. Our outdoor grill cabinets can be tailored to match any lifestyle or taste bringing your outdoor living space together.  Each project custom made to ensure the style and design are specific to each project and meet individual specifications.

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